Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Harvest Sale 2014

The Anneliese Garden Team put on a mini Farmer's Market this week to welcome the fall season and all of its bounty. We sold fresh, organic cabbage, persimmons, and herb bouquets from the Willowbrook Garden, raising a total of $81 for the School Fund! A big thank you to the 2nd graders who helped harvest, wash, and assemble these edible goodies! 

A cross section

Of our beautiful and tasty trombetta squash.

Kindergarten 2

Can be seen here preparing some of the gardens trombetta squash for a quick pan fry in olive oil with salt and a touch of pepper.

The Kindergarten 2 classes

Learned about plants and the way the move water through their bodies by putting some white roses in jars with colored water and watching for the results.

Frau Conny's class

Was doing some outdoor arithmetic this week collecting and counting the leaves from our garden.

5th grade

Here we have Mr. Mikes class making Wontons.

Kindergarten 1

Here Frau Annita's class enjoys some persimmons from the tree in the garden.

Kale wraps

Here fifth graders eat a well prepared batch of rice, beans, avocado, red peppers, lime and cilantro all wrapped in some freshly harvested kale leaves.

2nd grade

Learned about different types of insects and they ways they feed themselves. Here a student demonstrates the piercing sucking mouthparts of a mosquito.

3rd Grade

The beginnings of a green goddess smoothie.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nursery Kids Love Compost!

Today, Andy brought several bins of compost to the nursery playground to build a new garden bed! The youngins had a blast shoveling out the compost and adding it to the soil, where they will soon grow snap peas, lettuce, chard, and late season carrots. Some of the teachers said they have never seen these kids so calm and focused, which only reminded the garden team about the importance of connecting with nature at a young age. 

~Jaynie Loeb
SEEDS Grant Recipient 

2nd graders

You can call this the weeding games. We learned how to recognize and remove the dreaded supervillian of the garden, grass weeds.

Kindergarten 1

Here is a group of kindergartens working together to deliever some heavy compost to one of our beloved fruit trees.

Food miles in Fourth grade

This is the research portion of a food transportation miles lesson that Miss Laurens class began two weeks ago.