Friday, February 6, 2015

6th Grade Farmer's Market Extravaganza!

Yesterday, 6th grade volunteers hosted a beautiful Farmer's Market to raise funds for their upcoming Fiji Trip. From fresh eggs and three varieties of kale, to all kinds of citrus and flower bouquets, the selection of offerings was quite impressive, especially for the season. Thank you to all of the parents, students, and staff for your amazing support! We hope you enjoyed your goodies, straight from the Willowbrook Garden and Manzanita Kitchen! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manzanita 1st graders

Are feeding the hungry broccoli transplants some worm compost to give them vitality and vigor.

Mr Johns 3rd grade

Is here eating arugula and lacinato kale. 

Red wrigglers

Look I found a composting friend.

Worm cocoons

That little golden egg contains our next generation of red worms and our K 1 students are able to identify them.

Kindergarten 1 students

Are here harvesting red worms from the Willowbrook gardens wormcompost.

Willowbrook 3rd graders

Are seen here documenting the beginning of their decomposition lesson.

Happy as a 5th grader in compost

Kindergarten 1 students

Are here showing off the weeds that they are removing from our garden. Please notice that the roots are intact.

The K 2 classes

Made apple pancakes for their garden cooking lesson in January.

Manzanita K2

Miss Sofies class is seen her working in their journals during a January lesson on our garden as an ecosystem.

Manzanita 3rd petri dish part 1

Here are the four groups petri dishes day one.

Manzanita 3rd graders part 1

Here they are setting up a petri dish for a January lesson on decomposition. Each petri dish was started with a sampling of compost and different types of food this is thw tangerine group.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Preparing for the Farmer's Market

The 6th grade class will be hosting our 2nd Farmer's Market Event this Thursday from 1-4:30pm to raise funds for their Fiji Trip! 

Today, 6th grade volunteers helped make Tea Jars using dried herbs from the Willowbrook Garden. We will have several varieties of tea to sell at the market, including Mint, Lavender, and Stinging Nettle. Students also collected leaves from around the garden, which we will use to label each sale item at the market.     

See you on Thursday!