Monday, April 27, 2015

We also enjoyed

Eating it

Frau Angelika's class

This morning we learned more about seeds by making a fruit salad.

For bigger fruits

We must thin our apple trees while the fruits are still developing to make space for larger and sweeter fruits. Here a first grader works closely with me to choose the right fruits to cull.

1st Grade

The first graders decorated paper bags to bring home their CA native  wildflower seed balls.

Garden allies

Manzanita's tomatoes are playing host to one of our favorite garden helpers, the lady bug or lady bird beatle. This is one of it's larval instars, it will molt once or twice more before looking like a lady bug.

Getting ready for Earthday.

The sixth grade class helps get ready for Earthday by transplanting some milkweed plants around one of our apple trees.

Kindergarten 1

Here we have K1 students building a bed for a female kiwi vine in the garden.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Preschool & Nursery Farmer's Market

Last Thursday, Anneliese hosted a special Farmer's Market for the youngest members of the school to raise money for their blossoming garden programs. Several preschool and nursery classes helped to prepare for the market by harvesting organic produce and herbs from the Willowbrook Garden. Ms. Kumiko led a group to pick purple potatoes, fava beans, snap peas, watercress, radishes, and turnips; Ms. Alma and Ms. Jasmine's students gathered a variety of herbs such as sage, mint, lavender, oregano, and rosemary; and Ms. Morgan brought the nursery kids to harvest more herbs as well as flowers to make beautiful bouquets! In addition to these fresh goodies, we sold small watering cans, shovels, and organic seed packs for parents to purchase and donate back to their child's class to use during upcoming garden projects. Overall, the market was a great success, thanks to all of the support from our families, teachers, and staff!